Right to Know When You Pay Tax

The Carleton Conservative Association has proposed a new policy that would ensure you  know how much tax you are paying when you buy something.  Right now, all you see on your bill is the GST or HST.  You have a right to know what other taxes you are paying at the cash.

Hidden excise taxes are charged on all kinds of products like gasoline, diesel, beer, wine, liquor and cigarettes.  And now we have carbon taxes hidden in the cost of almost everything including gasoline, diesel, home heating fuels like oil and natural gas.

How can Canadians hold government to account for taxes that are hidden?  Canadians need to know.  It will make a difference when they vote.

Check out and support our proposed policy #1191 on ideas-lab.ca at https://ideas-lab.ca/final-policy-submissions/forums/topic/consumption-tax-identification/.

It is simple.  All consumption taxes including GST, HST, excise taxes and carbon taxes including carbon pricing be itemized on consumer invoices and statements.

Pierre Poilievre, MP, Carleton and Conservative Shadow Finance Critic has tried to get the Liberal government to tell Parliament how much the carbon tax is costing Canadians.  The Liberals are hiding the facts.

A Parliamentary petition has been launched asking the government to come clean on carbon taxes.  You can join Conservatives from across the country by signing the Petition e-1679 at https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Search?Category=All

Canadians need to know how much tax they are paying.

Let’s make this a policy of the Conservative Party of Canada at the National Convention.  But first, we need your EDA to vote for it so that it gets to the floor of the Convention for discussion.

Help us keep government accountable to Canadians.