Reflect Provincial Decision-making in Equalization Formula

The Carleton Conservative Association has put forward a policy proposal that would reflect provincial decision-making in the equalization formula.

Provincial governments are responsible for deciding whether natural resources are developed within their boundaries.  Over the last decade, some provinces have accepted new technologies for the recovery of natural resources while others have rejected the opportunity for natural resource development.

In Canada, it is within provincial authority to say no.  We respect that.

But provinces that say no, should not benefit through equalization from resource development in jurisdictions that say yes.  You can’t have your cake and eat it to.

Wealth generated through resource development within in a province is currently included in the calculation of the amount of equalization a jurisdiction pays or receives.  Why should Newfoundland and Labrador, who has chosen to develop their offshore natural resources, pay equalization to New Brunswick who has imposed a moratorium on shale gas development?  Why should Alberta pay equalization to Quebec, who has said no to natural gas production in their province.

Let’s reflect provincial jurisdiction in equalization.

We hope you agree that a Conservative government should exclude revenue from natural resource development over which a province or territory has jurisdiction in the calculation of equalization payments.

Please check out the Carleton Conservative policy proposal #1190 on

Encourage your EDA to vote before June 15 to bring this to the floor of the National Convention in Halifax.