Contacting Members

The Carleton Conservative Association has proposed an amendment to the Constitution of the Conservative Party of Canada that would limit the number of times that you are contacted by national fundraisers to 24 times a year.

A number of members from Carleton have expressed their frustration about how often they are contacted by “the Party looking for money.”  Although most people appreciate the importance of their generous donations to the Conservative Party of Canada in building political support across the country, they are tired of running to the telephone only to find that once again, it is someone asking for a donation.

Although our members can ask the Secretary, Carleton Conservative Association by email ( or telephone (613 791-8679) to have their names removed from specific contact lists (mail, email or telephone), this impacts the ability of the local association to get in touch with them about what is happening in Carleton.  It increases the cost to the local association for distribution of required notices about the Annual General Meeting or Special Meetings such as the Delegate Selection Meeting.  As well, our members may not get information about local events they would like to participate in hosted by our Member of Parliament, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, or by the Carleton Conservative Association.

Some people have even said they don’t want to renew their membership in the Conservative Party of Canada because they don’t want to be bothered by fundraising requests.

There needs to be a balance.  Carleton thinks that being asked for a donation 24 times a year is often enough.

To review Carleton’s proposed constitutional amendment, check out  Encourage your fellow Conservatives in other electoral districts to vote to have this discussed at the 2018 National Convention in Halifax.