Canadians Are the Winners

Canadians are the winners of the leadership race of the Conservative Party of Canada as they will have a credible alternative to the Liberal government when they vote in 2019.

What the voting on Saturday demonstrated is that conservative Canadians want a “big tent” party in which people of different backgrounds and beliefs can work together.  As the rounds of voting progressed, it was the candidates who respected the differences within our party who prevailed.  It was the candidates who wanted to build a bigger, unified party who moved forward into the final rounds of voting.  Check out the results of each round of voting.

Andrew Scheer, our new leader, is celebrated as “the real thing.”  As a Member of Parliament and former Speaker of the House of Commons, he knows what it takes to build consensus and move the agenda forward.  No matter where your first ballot support rested, Scheer is a leader who will engage with all the membership of the Conservative Party of Canada to build a winning team and platform.

That work begins in earnest today.  A policy conference in August 2018 is where the policies that the Conservative Party of Canada takes to all Canadians in the 2019 federal election will be confirmed.

There were more than 950 members from Carleton who voted in the leadership race.  This includes almost 150 members from Carleton who chose to cast their ballots at the polling station that the Carleton Conservative Association hosted at the Richmond Legion.  More than 275 members from other electoral districts also voted in Richmond on Saturday.

Carleton was also well-represented at the leadership event in Toronto.  A number of the members of the board of the Carleton Conservative Association volunteered and joined our Member of Parliament, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, as the party celebrated the election of the new leader.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to follow the leadership contest and to vote for our new leader.  This high level of engagement is a sure sign that Conservatives care about the future of our country.