Trees For Tomorrow

Over the last two months, more than 1500 spruce trees have found a new home in the Carleton electoral district. The Carleton Conservative Association joined forces with the Member of Parliament for Carleton, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, to hand out the trees at local community events including Dickinson Days in Manotick and Canada Day celebrations in Stittsville and Riverside South. The rain that came down on Canada Day was welcomed after such a dry spring and did little to dampen the spirits of the volunteers that came out to give away the trees.

The Carleton Conservative Association wanted to show that we are committed to working with others to build strong and healthy communities across the electoral district. “Planting a tree is a good reminder that looking after tomorrow requires action today” observed a Board Member of the Carleton Conservative Association.

Thanks to the vision of many generations of community leaders, the dedication of volunteers who work together and individuals who take pride in their homes, the people of Carleton enjoy neighbourhoods that are rich with natural beauty. It is one of things that continues to attract people to become part of our community.

Waving the Flag for Carleton

The Carleton Conservative Association was well-represented at the recent National Convention of the Conservative Party of Canada in Vancouver.  In addition to our Member of Parliament, Pierre Poilievre, six men and five women from Carleton participated as delegates and observers, including two youth from our Board of Directors.  For some of the Carleton Conservative Association members, it was the first time they had ever attended a national party convention.

In addition to the adoption of five amendments to the constitution of the Conservative Party of Canada, there were a number of amendments to the party’s policy declaration.  The range of issues discussed was far-reaching and the debate was lively.

Take a look at the updated Constitution and Policy Declaration.

In addition to constitution and policy amendments, the National Council of the Conservative Party of Canada was also elected by delegates to the convention.  Kara Johnson, Joe Preston, Matthijs van Galen, and Matthew John as Ontario representatives to National Council.  Scott Lamb was elected President of National Council by the elected council members.

It was exciting to meet fellow Conservatives from across the country.  It was apparent that the Conservative Party of Canada really is a “big tent” that brings people together from very different backgrounds.  What we shared in common were a respect for individual freedoms, the desire for accountable government, and a strong sense of community and social responsibility.  We recognized that we are fortunate to live in a great country like Canada.