Remembering Vimy Ridge

People across Canada came together today to remember the sacrifice made 100 years ago at the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  For the first time ever, all four Canadian Divisions of the Canadian Corps fought together.

Although the Battle of Vimy Ridge is recognized as a “distinctly Canadian triumph” that helped to create “a stronger sense of national identity” and raised Canada’s stature internationally, the statue “Canada Bereft“, which stands on Vimy Ridge, reflects the heavy cost.  Of the 97,184 Canadian soldiers that fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge over 10,000 were killed or wounded.

A century after the Battle of Vimy Ridge, peace remains elusive in many parts of the world.  Canada continues to play an important role in collaboration with our allies to support efforts to ensure the safety, security and freedom of people around the globe.

Pierre Poilievre, Member of Parliament for Carleton, joined members of the Royal Canadian Legion including Winston Spratt, Vice President, South Carleton Branch #314, this morning at the Vimy Memorial Bridge which crosses the Rideau River between Barrhaven and Riverside South.

As a member of the Conservative government, Pierre was instrumental in securing federal funding for the Vimy Memorial Bridge which opened in 2014.   He proudly supported its naming in memory of the Canadians who fought at Vimy Ridge in 1917.

Only Two Weeks Left

In order to be eligible to vote for the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada you must be a member in good standing by Tuesday, March 28, 2017.  There are only two weeks left to get your membership in the Conservative Party of Canada if you want to help us elect the next leader.

You can purchase your membership online or download the application and mail it in right away to:

Conservative Party of Canada
1720-130 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON  K1P 5G4

To become a member you must be 14 years of age or older, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and support the founding principles of the Conservative Party of Canada.  You can’t currently be a member of another political party at the federal level.  And don’t forget, that you have to buy it with your own money – no one else can buy it for you or reimburse you for the expense.

If you aren’t sure whether your membership is up-to-date, please email the and check.

Voting for a leader on May 27 is one of the most important things you can do for the future of our country.  We need our leader, and the next Prime Minister, to be someone who can put the interests of all Canadian ahead of special interests


Canadians Need to Know

Our Member of Parliament, Pierre Poilievre, has sponsored a petition  asking the Liberal government to release its full analysis of how much the carbon tax is going to cost Canadians.  You can read and sign the petition on the Parliament of Canada electronic petition site.

In October 2016, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that in 2018 the federal government will impose a carbon tax of $10/tonne which will increase every year to $50/tonne by 2022.  This will increase the cost of almost everything Canadians use including home heating fuel, gasoline and food.  It will increase the cost of doing business in Canada including farming, manufacturing, retail and restaurants – and these costs will get passed along to you, the consumer.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has estimated that the carbon tax will cost the average family (2.5 persons/family) more than $2,500 per year.

Taxes like the carbon tax are sometimes called “economic instruments.”  They are intended to change the behaviour of consumers.  The theory is if it costs more you will use less.  But this only goes so far.  If what is being taxed is something you really need, your only choice is to pay more.

All Canadians, irrespective of their income, are being stuck with a bigger bill for things they really need.  How much?  The Liberals are saying we don’t need to know … just pay the bill.

Conservatives believe in transparency.  The Mulroney government replaced the hidden Manufacturers Sales Tax with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) so that Canadians would know what they were paying.

Conservatives believe in lower taxes.  The Harper government reduced the GST from 7% to 5% leaving more than 500 million dollars in the pockets of Canadians.

Conservatives believe in protecting our children’s future.  When the Conservatives left office, the budget was balanced.  The federal tax burden was lower than when the Conservatives came to power in 2006.  But it is not just about government taxes and spending.

Conservatives believe in environmental policies that will actually improve things for future generations.  When prices are already sky high, consumers have already cut back what they use as far as they can.

The environmental benefit of a national carbon tax won’t be measurable from a climate change perspective.  It might make some people feel like they are doing something to address what many people believe is a serious global environmental issue.  But it won’t change the outcome.  It is like throwing money out your window.  You will have less but you won’t have anything in return.

Canadians need to know how much a carbon tax is going to cost.

Sign the petition.


Leadership Vote Polling Station in Richmond

The Carleton and Kanata Carleton Conservative Associations have joined forces to host a polling station at the Richmond Legion, 6430 Ottawa Street, Richmond.  The polling station will be open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, May 27.  This polling station is open to all Conservative Party of Canada members.

To vote at the polling station, you need to bring the ballot that you will receive from the Conservative Party of Canada and photo identification with your name and current address.  Please note that no ballots will be available at the polling station.

In order to be eligible to vote, you must be a member in good standing by March 28.  You can purchase or renew your membership online on the Conservative Party of Canada by clicking here.  If you would like us to check whether your membership is current, please contact us at

Everyone with a membership by March 28 will be mailed a ballot sometime after April 28.  You can bring this ballot to the Richmond polling station, vote at  the Leadership Event in Toronto or mail it in following the instructions that come with the ballot.

You can find the official rules for voting in the leadership race here.

Be part of the future of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Buy your membership and help pick the next leader of our party, and the future Prime Minister of Canada!

Say Yes to the Ottawa Hospital

Join the growing number of people from across Carleton who are asking the Liberal government to put the public interest ahead of special interests when it comes to giving the Ottawa Hospital a site for the new Civic Campus.  Sign the e-petition here.

In November 2014, the Hon. John Baird agreed to give the Ottawa Hospital the site they had selected for the new hospital directly across Carling Avenue from the existing Civic Campus.

For what many consider to be political reasons, the Liberal government went back to the drawing board, costing taxpayers money and setting the project behind schedule.

Our Member of Parliament, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, has lead the charge in asking the Liberal government to recognize that the Ottawa Hospital is in the best position to recommend a site for their new hospital.  He has also pointed out that some of the concerns raised by opponents of the site selected by the Ottawa Hospital are exaggerated.

The Ottawa Hospital has spoken out clearly against the Tunney’s Pasture site proposed by the National Capital Commission.  They have stood up for the interests of the people across the region whom they care for.  Let’s stop the politics and get on with building the new hospital on the site that had been selected by the Ottawa Hospital based on patient care, access and affordability.


See You At The AGM

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Carleton Conservative Association will be held on Tuesday, December 6 at the Richmond Agricultural Society Dining Hall, 6107 Perth St., Richmond at 7:00 p.m.  Please come a bit early and bring your Conservative Party of Canada membership to register to vote.

At this meeting, the 2017 Board of Directors will be elected.  According to the Carleton Conservative Association constitution, we can have up to 30 members elected to the board.  If you want to volunteer as a board member, please come and put your name forward.  For more information, please contact

The Board of Directors is a group of volunteers drawn primarily from across the electoral district of Carleton.  We want to encourage a mix of representation from across the electoral district so that we can reach out to the various communities and demographics.  It is a great experience to work together and learn from one another.  One in ten directors can live outside Carleton.

In addition to electing the 2017 slate of directors, the activities and finances of the association, along with some of our election readiness plans will be discussed.

Come and join in the discussion.  Have a coffee on us!


Conservative Leadership Conference

The Conservative Leadership Conference hosted by the Carleton Conservative Association was a great success.  It was standing room only at The Orchardview Conference Centre in Greely as our MP, Pierre Poilievre, welcomed the 11 currently declared leadership candidates to the stage.

Conservative supporters from across eastern Ontario were on hand for this important event where we heard from each of the candidates.  The leadership race has attracted a surprising number of credible candidates, each with their unique perspective on what needs to be done to strengthen our country.

Although a wide-range of views were expressed, it is recognized that open discussion is healthy for the conservative movement in Canada provided we can all come together as a united party following the leadership vote on May 27, 2017.

We want to thank all of the candidates for participating.  We appreciate that they have a busy schedule as they reach out to Conservatives across the country.  We also want to thank all the people who took time out of their weekend to learn more about each of the candidates in the race.

The next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has a big job ahead.  We have to translate the great ideas that are being discussed into good policies that Canadians will understand and support.

We should think of the Conservative leadership contest not just as picking the leader of the party, we should keep in mind that with a lot of hard work and a little luck, we are electing the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Looking Forward

As the “very important people”, or as we call them VIP’s, found out at Anderson Link’s Golf Club on Wednesday, August 24, tractor plowing can be a very humbling experience.  Our Member of Parliament, Pierre Poilievre, joined our MPP, Lisa MacLeod, Ottawa City Mayor, Jim Watson, and several city councillors along with the media in a friendly competition at the Canadian Plowing Championship.  The lesson learned by all of the politicians is that you have to look forward in order to plow a straight row.  Looking back at what you have done will simply keep you going in circles.

Having competed in the Ottawa Carleton Plowman’s annual competitions as our federal representative over the last 12 years, Pierre is no rookie when it comes to taking the wheel and moving forward in a straight line.  In fact, some would say it is what Pierre has done for his constituents in Parliament.

Although Pierre lost out to Councillor George Darouz in this year’s plowing competition, he was showing off the plaque he received for being a good sport.

A special thanks goes out to Gib and Elsie Patterson and their family, Martin, Mark, Kevin and Jill for hosting the Canadian Plowing Championship at Anderson Links.  The Pattersons are no strangers to competitive plowing as Gib and Elsie chaired the Rural and Urban Beautification Committee of the 1983 International Plowing Match, Jill was the Ontario Queen of the Furrow in 1988-89 and the “boys” competed over a number of years.

Thanks as well to the dedicated team of volunteers who made sure the competitors and guests from across Canada enjoyed a first class event.  You made the people of Carleton proud to be part of the community.

Summer in the City

The Member of Parliament for Carleton, Pierre Poilievre, joined his constituents at the Finlay Creek Community Fun Day on August 1. It was a beautiful summer’s day and lots of people came out to enjoy the fun with their neighbours.  Volunteers from the Carleton Conservative Association handed out water to make sure that no one was thirsty.

On a hot day like Monday, it reminds us how precious a resource clean water is.  We really appreciated everyone who made sure that they returned their empty bottles for recycling.

Congratulations to the Findlay Creek Community Association and their sponsors for hosting such a successful event.  It makes summer in the city something to look forward to.

Trees For Tomorrow

Over the last two months, more than 1500 spruce trees have found a new home in the Carleton electoral district. The Carleton Conservative Association joined forces with the Member of Parliament for Carleton, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, to hand out the trees at local community events including Dickinson Days in Manotick and Canada Day celebrations in Stittsville and Riverside South. The rain that came down on Canada Day was welcomed after such a dry spring and did little to dampen the spirits of the volunteers that came out to give away the trees.

The Carleton Conservative Association wanted to show that we are committed to working with others to build strong and healthy communities across the electoral district. “Planting a tree is a good reminder that looking after tomorrow requires action today” observed a Board Member of the Carleton Conservative Association.

Thanks to the vision of many generations of community leaders, the dedication of volunteers who work together and individuals who take pride in their homes, the people of Carleton enjoy neighbourhoods that are rich with natural beauty. It is one of things that continues to attract people to become part of our community.