Family Fun

Families enjoyed the fun and sun in Diamond Jubilee Park on the August 7 holiday Monday.  Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, the  Findlay Creek Fun Day was a great success.

Given the record rainfall we have had this spring and summer, everyone to full advantage of the good weather to get out of their houses and get together in the park.  The splash park was alive with the sounds of children delighted to be playing in the water.  It was hard to recognize some of the children who had been transformed with face paint into characters from movies, books and yes, their imaginations!  The most curious were able to get right up close to examine and touch some animals that had ventured into the park.

Music, hotdogs and cotton candy added a festival atmosphere to the event.  There was lots of water to wash it all down.

It was also a wonderful opportunity for our Member of Parliament, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, to say hello to people from the community.  He appreciated the chance to listen to their concerns and suggestions about how to make things better for them, and as importantly, for their kids.

Pierre also took the opportunity to invite the families to join him for the barbeque he is hosting just down the road in Riverside South on Saturday, September 9 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with all of the people from Carleton.  For more information, check out Pierre’s website at

A kid at heart, Pierre had fun too.  He was tossing a frisby with a couple of kids and although I didn’t catch him,  it is reported that he was spotted in the lineup for cotton candy!   It could be that it was the Councillor for Gloucester – South Nepean, Michael Qaqish or Ontario Progressive Conservative Candidate for Carleton, Goldie Ghamari who were standing in line with him.

Familiar Faces

Summer is a great time for meeting up with friends and family.  It is also a time when people in our community get together to raise money for worthwhile causes.

Earlier in the month, a golf tournament was hosted at Manderley on the Green in memory of Mark Lindsay.  The proceeds supported veterans being treated with post traumatic stress disorder at the Perley and Rideau Veterans Health Centre.

On July 26, Plowing For a Cure, was hosted by the Ottawa Carleton Plowing Association at Anderson Links Golf and Country Club. This year the proceeds went to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation to buy specialized equipment for the Cancer Clinic that will help researchers tailor treatments based on an individual’s DNA.

There are a number of familiar faces at charity events like these.  The Member of Parliament for Carleton, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party candidate, Goldie Ghamari, and Rideau-Goulbourn Councillor Scott Moffatt are pleased to be working with the others to make our communities better places to live and work.

As a taxpayer, it is good to see that politicians from all levels of government – federal, provincial and municipal – are talking to each other about how they can work together to better serve their constituents.  No doubt they are trying to make sure our tax dollars go toward the priorities of the people of Carleton. 

If you would like to have our MP participate in an event you are hosting, please contact his constituency office at (613) 692-3331 or by sending a message to him at




Investment Stalls

Unlike other countries around the world, growth in investment on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) has stalled in 2017. (Source:  The Economist 24 June 2017)

Investors from Canada and around the world are sending a clear signal that they think the investment climate in Canada is poor under the Trudeau government. 

 In the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 8.3%, most European exchanges grew by more than 15% and in Asia, many country’s exchanges grew by at least 10% in US$ terms.  Even Mexico’s market grew by 21.9% in US$ terms (7.3% in Mexican Peso terms) so Canada’s poor performance cannot be blamed on the policies of the Trump administration.

In Canadian dollar terms, the Standard and Poors TSX index dropped by almost 1%.  Given that over $2,200 billion is invested in the TSX, this means that close to $22 billion of private investment has left Canada in 2017.  This is money that had been working in Canada to create jobs and opportunities.

So why does this matter to “middle class” Canadians?  The impact of private sector investment touches across our economy.  For businesses, it means they do not have as much money to invest in improving or expanding their operations or hiring new staff.  For people who are contributing to pension plans or saving for retirement, it simply means their pensions or investments may not be keeping up with the rest of the world.  For retired people who are depending on their savings, they just aren’t going to go as far.

Investors don’t play politics with their money.  They aren’t impressed by photo ops.  Investors are looking for sound economic policies and future opportunities.  In Canada, under the Liberal government, they are finding neither. 

Canada’s 150th Birthday

Across the country, people joined together to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the confederation of Canada.  Queen Victoria gave royal assent to the British North America (BNA) Act on March  28, 1867.  This gave birth to the Dominion of Canada 150 years ago on July 1, 1867.  At that time, four provinces were part of the confederation – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.

Sir John A. MacDonald was the first Prime Minister of Canada.  From 1882 to1887, he represented Carleton, a riding that included most of today’s electoral district of Carleton, in the Parliament of Canada.

On July 1, 2017, in communities from coast to coast to coast, Canadians celebrated the great country that we call home.  Many took the opportunity to reflect on what makes Canada a great place to live.  Freedom, opportunity through education and individual effort, respect of our differences, compassion and caring for others, rule of law and the right to own property were some of the attributes that were noted.

It was a busy day across the Carleton electoral district with families, friends, neighbours and visitors celebrating Canada Day together.  Our Member of Parliament, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, joined the celebrations in a number of local communities including Stittsville, Riverside South, Osgoode, Manotick and Greely.  He reminded constituents that  the BNA Act that was passed 150 years ago entrenched the freedoms we enjoy today into the Canadian legal framework.

Let’s not forget how fortunate we are to live in Canada.  Let’s work together to make sure Canada stands strong and free.



Community Spirit

Community spirit was evident across Carleton last weekend, June 3-4.  Whether it was people celebrating Dickinson Days in Manotick or participating in Doors Open Ottawa, the  enthusiasm was high and the pride in our community measurable.

Dickinson Days kicked off with the parade and fireworks on Friday evening, followed on Saturday by a number of events around the mill square including the pancake breakfast, barbeque, variety show, street fair, horse drawn wagon rides, demonstrations at Watson’s Mill, and tours of  Dickinson House.

Doors Open Ottawa showcased more than a dozen community organizations and venues in the Carleton Electoral District.  In addition to Watson’s Mill and Dickinson House that were open for Dickinson Days, others included Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, the Rideau Branch of the Ottawa Archives, Goodwood Masonic Lodge, Goulbourn Museum, Osgoode Township Museum, the Fire Stations in Metcalfe and Stittsville,  St. James the Apostle Anglican Church, Suntech Greenhouses, Waupoos Family Farm, and the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Carleton Conservative Association joined forces with the Ontario Progressive Conservative Association for Carleton to host a booth at the Dickinson Day Street Fair.  It was great to have our Member of Parliament, Pierre Poilievre, and our Carleton candidate for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, Goldie Ghamari, speaking with constituents about the issues that matter most to them.  The collaboration was welcome as many of the concerns that people raised require both level of governments to pull together – after all, there is only one taxpayer!

Whether it was Dickinson Days or Doors Open Ottawa, many of the organizations that participated were only able to do so because of the dedication of volunteers.  The Hon. Marjorie LeBreton volunteered with the Carleton Conservative Association and engaged in a discussion with Margery Toner-Haan, who was volunteering for the Royal Canadian Legion, South Carleton Branch #314.  Both of these women are well-known in the community for their volunteer efforts.

Giving back to your community not only benefits others, it gives you the opportunity to get to know your neighbours and to help build the kind of community you want to live in.   We would like to thank all of those members of our community who volunteer their time and talents to make Carleton a great place to live.

If you would like to volunteer in the Carleton Conservative Association, please contact:

Everyone is welcome to help us build a better community.




Canadians Are the Winners

Canadians are the winners of the leadership race of the Conservative Party of Canada as they will have a credible alternative to the Liberal government when they vote in 2019.

What the voting on Saturday demonstrated is that conservative Canadians want a “big tent” party in which people of different backgrounds and beliefs can work together.  As the rounds of voting progressed, it was the candidates who respected the differences within our party who prevailed.  It was the candidates who wanted to build a bigger, unified party who moved forward into the final rounds of voting.  Check out the results of each round of voting.

Andrew Scheer, our new leader, is celebrated as “the real thing.”  As a Member of Parliament and former Speaker of the House of Commons, he knows what it takes to build consensus and move the agenda forward.  No matter where your first ballot support rested, Scheer is a leader who will engage with all the membership of the Conservative Party of Canada to build a winning team and platform.

That work begins in earnest today.  A policy conference in August 2018 is where the policies that the Conservative Party of Canada takes to all Canadians in the 2019 federal election will be confirmed.

There were more than 950 members from Carleton who voted in the leadership race.  This includes almost 150 members from Carleton who chose to cast their ballots at the polling station that the Carleton Conservative Association hosted at the Richmond Legion.  More than 275 members from other electoral districts also voted in Richmond on Saturday.

Carleton was also well-represented at the leadership event in Toronto.  A number of the members of the board of the Carleton Conservative Association volunteered and joined our Member of Parliament, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, as the party celebrated the election of the new leader.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to follow the leadership contest and to vote for our new leader.  This high level of engagement is a sure sign that Conservatives care about the future of our country.



A Little Local History

The launch of Dickinson Square’s 2017 season was held on Saturday in Manotick.  A living part of local history, it is a great place to bring friends and family who want to spend an enjoyable few hours on the banks of the Rideau River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Watson’s Mill, was built in 1860 by Moss Kent Dickinson and his partner, Joseph Currier.  As an operating grist mill, you can see how flour was made using the power of the Rideau River.

A visit to Dickinson House will give you a feel for how one of the early families in Manotick lived.  The volunteers and staff in period costume at both Watson’s Mill and Dickinson House will help you take a step back in time.

You can also drop by the used book store in the Carriage House, a fundraiser that supports activities at Watson’s Mill.

The Member of Parliament for Carleton, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, participated in the launch.  Pierre was captured celebrating a little bit of local history with “Willy Dickinson.”  Prior to Pierre, Bill Tupper was the most recent Conservative Member of Parliament to represent what is now the electoral district of Carleton.

In the spring of 2015, with the encouragement of then Minister Poilievre, an application to have Dickinson Square recognized as a National Historic Site was submitted to Parks Canada.  The decision is still pending.

Recognition of Dickinson Square as a National Historic Site would be a great way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.


Carleton Polling Station

You can vote in person for the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada on May 27 at the polling station that is being hosted by the Carleton Conservative Association and the Kanata Carleton Conservative Association.

The polling station at the Richmond Legion, 6430 Ottawa Street (west), Richmond will be open from 10 am until 4 pm.  Eligible voters from any electoral district can vote at this polling station.

For directions to the Richmond Legion, 6430 Ottawa Street (west) please click here.  Please note that you cannot access the Richmond Legion by turning directly on to Ottawa Street from either Eagleson Road or McBean Street.  Instead take Perth St. to Joy’s Road to Ottawa Street (west).

In order to be eligible to vote, please remember to bring the ballot you received in the mail and identification that includes your photo and current address.

If you prefer you can mail your completed ballot in advance in the self-addressed envelope that came with the ballot in the mail to your home.  In addition to the completed ballot, you have to enclose a copy of your photo identification and the signed declaration form.

Information about how to vote  is available on the Conservative Party website.

We hope you will also be able to join in the celebration at the Manotick Legion on Saturday night from 5:30 – 10:00 pm where you can watch the results of the vote as they are announced.  Tickets can be purchased for $15 online.

If you prefer to pick them up in person please contact us by email at or by telephone at (613) 791-TORY (8679),

Please vote for the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Together, we can help our new leader become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Remembering Vimy Ridge

People across Canada came together today to remember the sacrifice made 100 years ago at the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  For the first time ever, all four Canadian Divisions of the Canadian Corps fought together.

Although the Battle of Vimy Ridge is recognized as a “distinctly Canadian triumph” that helped to create “a stronger sense of national identity” and raised Canada’s stature internationally, the statue “Canada Bereft“, which stands on Vimy Ridge, reflects the heavy cost.  Of the 97,184 Canadian soldiers that fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge over 10,000 were killed or wounded.

A century after the Battle of Vimy Ridge, peace remains elusive in many parts of the world.  Canada continues to play an important role in collaboration with our allies to support efforts to ensure the safety, security and freedom of people around the globe.

Pierre Poilievre, Member of Parliament for Carleton, joined members of the Royal Canadian Legion including Winston Spratt, Vice President, South Carleton Branch #314, this morning at the Vimy Memorial Bridge which crosses the Rideau River between Barrhaven and Riverside South.

As a member of the Conservative government, Pierre was instrumental in securing federal funding for the Vimy Memorial Bridge which opened in 2014.   He proudly supported its naming in memory of the Canadians who fought at Vimy Ridge in 1917.

Only Two Weeks Left

In order to be eligible to vote for the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada you must be a member in good standing by Tuesday, March 28, 2017.  There are only two weeks left to get your membership in the Conservative Party of Canada if you want to help us elect the next leader.

You can purchase your membership online or download the application and mail it in right away to:

Conservative Party of Canada
1720-130 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON  K1P 5G4

To become a member you must be 14 years of age or older, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and support the founding principles of the Conservative Party of Canada.  You can’t currently be a member of another political party at the federal level.  And don’t forget, that you have to buy it with your own money – no one else can buy it for you or reimburse you for the expense.

If you aren’t sure whether your membership is up-to-date, please email the and check.

Voting for a leader on May 27 is one of the most important things you can do for the future of our country.  We need our leader, and the next Prime Minister, to be someone who can put the interests of all Canadian ahead of special interests