Say Yes to the Ottawa Hospital

Sign of Ottawa Hosptial

Join the growing number of people from across Carleton who are asking the Liberal government to put the public interest ahead of special interests when it comes to giving the Ottawa Hospital a site for the new Civic Campus.  Sign the e-petition here.

In November 2014, the Hon. John Baird agreed to give the Ottawa Hospital the site they had selected for the new hospital directly across Carling Avenue from the existing Civic Campus.

For what many consider to be political reasons, the Liberal government went back to the drawing board, costing taxpayers money and setting the project behind schedule.

Our Member of Parliament, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, has lead the charge in asking the Liberal government to recognize that the Ottawa Hospital is in the best position to recommend a site for their new hospital.  He has also pointed out that some of the concerns raised by opponents of the site selected by the Ottawa Hospital are exaggerated.

The Ottawa Hospital has spoken out clearly against the Tunney’s Pasture site proposed by the National Capital Commission.  They have stood up for the interests of the people across the region whom they care for.  Let’s stop the politics and get on with building the new hospital on the site that had been selected by the Ottawa Hospital based on patient care, access and affordability.