Conservative Leadership Conference

The Conservative Leadership Conference hosted by the Carleton Conservative Association was a great success.  It was standing room only at The Orchardview Conference Centre in Greely as our MP, Pierre Poilievre, welcomed the 11 currently declared leadership candidates to the stage.

Conservative supporters from across eastern Ontario were on hand for this important event where we heard from each of the candidates.  The leadership race has attracted a surprising number of credible candidates, each with their unique perspective on what needs to be done to strengthen our country.

Although a wide-range of views were expressed, it is recognized that open discussion is healthy for the conservative movement in Canada provided we can all come together as a united party following the leadership vote on May 27, 2017.

We want to thank all of the candidates for participating.  We appreciate that they have a busy schedule as they reach out to Conservatives across the country.  We also want to thank all the people who took time out of their weekend to learn more about each of the candidates in the race.

The next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has a big job ahead.  We have to translate the great ideas that are being discussed into good policies that Canadians will understand and support.

We should think of the Conservative leadership contest not just as picking the leader of the party, we should keep in mind that with a lot of hard work and a little luck, we are electing the next Prime Minister of Canada.