Looking Forward

As the “very important people”, or as we call them VIP’s, found out at Anderson Link’s Golf Club on Wednesday, August 24, tractor plowing can be a very humbling experience.  Our Member of Parliament, Pierre Poilievre, joined our MPP, Lisa MacLeod, Ottawa City Mayor, Jim Watson, and several city councillors along with the media in a friendly competition at the Canadian Plowing Championship.  The lesson learned by all of the politicians is that you have to look forward in order to plow a straight row.  Looking back at what you have done will simply keep you going in circles.

Having competed in the Ottawa Carleton Plowman’s annual competitions as our federal representative over the last 12 years, Pierre is no rookie when it comes to taking the wheel and moving forward in a straight line.  In fact, some would say it is what Pierre has done for his constituents in Parliament.

Although Pierre lost out to Councillor George Darouz in this year’s plowing competition, he was showing off the plaque he received for being a good sport.

A special thanks goes out to Gib and Elsie Patterson and their family, Martin, Mark, Kevin and Jill for hosting the Canadian Plowing Championship at Anderson Links.  The Pattersons are no strangers to competitive plowing as Gib and Elsie chaired the Rural and Urban Beautification Committee of the 1983 International Plowing Match, Jill was the Ontario Queen of the Furrow in 1988-89 and the “boys” competed over a number of years.

Thanks as well to the dedicated team of volunteers who made sure the competitors and guests from across Canada enjoyed a first class event.  You made the people of Carleton proud to be part of the community.