We’ve Got Your Back – Small Business Breakfast

You are welcome to join Dan Albas, Conservative Shadow Critic for Small Business and our very own Pierre Poilievre, Finance Shadow Critic for breakfast at the Black Dog Bistro on Tuesday, June 12 at 7:30 am.

Dan and Pierre want you to know that they’ve got your back!  Everyday, they are working together with Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, and the rest of  caucus, to make sure that the issues that matter most to Canadian small business people are being understood and addressed.

We are proud to welcome Dan to Carleton.  It is a great opportunity to share your ideas on how the federal government could help small business prosper.  Your suggestions might be as simple as “get out of the way!” or “leave more money in my pocket so I can grow my business.”  We want to hear from you.

So, please come out and meet for breakfast at the Black Dog Bistro, 5540 Manotick Main Street, Manotick at 7:30 am.  Don’t be late because Dot is serving up a delicious breakfast at 8:00 am.

Please register online or by calling 613 791-8679.

The price of this fundraising breakfast is $85.  A tax receipt for $70 that is eligible for the federal political tax credit is available.  The cost after the tax credit is only $32.50.  Please note that corporate donations cannot be accepted.

Youth tickets for those people who are 23 years old or younger are available for $25.


March 22 Reception

Get your tickets for the Carleton Conservative Association reception on March 22.  Join the discussion with Candice Bergen, MP, Portage-Lisgar, House Leader of the Official Opposition, and our Member of Parliament, Pierre Poilievre, Shadow Minister of Finance, about what Conservatives are doing to stand up for Canadians.

This is a fundraiser so you will receive a receipt for a portion of the cost that you can claim as a political contribution on your 2018 income tax return.